Text 16 Sep Living On Shaky Ground

Living On Shaky Ground

Originally posted on M J Wright:

I’ve got three books being published between now and February.

Here’s a preview of Living On Shaky Ground: the science and story behind New Zealand’s earthquakes. It’s being published by Penguin Random House on 26 September. My advance copy arrived a few days back. And after thirty years and over 50 books, I have to say that the thrill of receiving the advance,…

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Text 16 Sep Another review is in on Jeff Altabef’s

Another review is in on Jeff Altabef’s

Another review is in on Jeff Altabef’s Shatter Point.
MBR calls Shatter Point a “thriller that grabs readers and doesn’t let go, skillfully twisting, turning, and manipulating its plot for maximum impact…. Add the overlap of romance, murder mystery, and political thriller and you have a truly multifaceted read that grabs a hold with powerful protagonists and issues and won’t let go till its…

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Text 11 Sep Take a look at the #infographic slides e

Take a look at the #infographic slides e

Take a look at the #infographic slides explaining the pathways in and out of homelessness on the @homelesshub #bdnmb http://ow.ly/BnyA5

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Text 29 Aug Why Reading is my Best Friend

Why Reading is my Best Friend: A Tale of Loneliness, Heart-Ache, Bullying & Friendship

A Tale of Loneliness, Heart-Ache, Bullying & Friendship (you’ll have to pay attention to get all that out of it)


Please go read the reviews about Thomas the Turtle & Cephrael’s Hand/The Dagger of Adendigaeth. There are a number of reasons to do this. A) They’re good books, and B) The authors are both nice, professional people.

Oh, and yes I realize not every book is for everyone…these…

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Text 29 Aug Thomas & the Turtle-Tiger, How Special Are You?

Thomas & the Turtle-Tiger another great @evolvedpub title #IARTG

I love children’s books almost more than any other genre. And no, I don’t have kids. I have a very special niece though. This book struck a nerve. It’s a great example of a book with a moral, and in this case the message is loud and clear.

Even if you don’t mean it, words can hurt. Words are powerful, and kids especially learn really quickly just how to use them. I love that the story ends with a…

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Text 29 Aug McPhail’s Dagger Never Misses its Mark

McPhail’s Dagger Never Misses its Mark

The Dagger of Adendigaeth

I do not (very often) post a book cover front and center at the beginning of a post.

I was HUGELY apprehensive that I wouldn’t be able to finish all 559 pages of this book when I realized I only had a week to read. Oh, and my app (fbreader) told me it was 607 pages, so that was a minor cardio-pulmonary issue until I realized it had formatted each chapter title onto a page of its own. PHEEEEWWWW.

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Text 27 Aug 559b: The Dagger of Adendigaeth

559b: The Dagger of Adendigaeth @melissamcphail - I’m at 268 now! Can’t wait to finish!

Pages: 559
Time to read: 5 Days until post on Friday – I’m happy to announce I’m on page 268! So I should definitely finish on time.
Ability to read 150-ish pages a day? – apparently I’ve still got it

At the beginning of pretty much every fantasy book I read, I have the dreaded – OH GAWD – ‘I’m going to have to learn a whole new language to read this thing & how many characters are there?!’


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Text 26 Aug 607: The Dagger of Adendigaeth

607: The Dagger of Adendigaeth Part of the @novelpublicity tour for @melissagmcphail #IARTG

Pages: 607
Time to read: 5 Days until post on Friday
Ability to read 150-ish pages a day?

This is the old cover. You have to wait for the new cover. Or you could hunt McPhail down on twitter where she has a gorgeous banner of all 3 books… @melissamcphail

I’ve read Cephrael’s Hand, and reviewed it before I worked for Novel Publicity. You can find that post here. It seems to be from when I…

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Text 13 Aug The Swarm of Reviews

The Swarm of Reviews

The Shadow Swarm review tour has gone pretty well. I’ve read all the reviews so far, and some of them are great! There’s a list of links below of a few of the one’s I’ve personally enjoyed the most.

First, a disclaimer, I work for Novel Publicity. So there won’t be any stars for my review here or on Goodreads. For that reason, I won’t post a review at Amazon, but would really love to becuase I…

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Text 12 Aug Depression: STFU

Originally posted on Urbicolous:

I’m in a bad mood today.

Robin Williams died, and it was sad in the distant way that any celebrity or far-removed acquaintance’s death is sad.

And then the internet chimed in.

Post after post of “it’s selfish” was met with the far more insidious psycho-babble that’s so dangerous to actual sufferers of depression.

My bad day comes as a relief, a reprieve from…

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